Media Articles

Media Articles

The Upside Of Oily Hair – How Salon Waste Could Lower The Boom On Oil Spills
– UTS Newsroom Feature, July 2017.

Waste Human Hair Could Help Clean Up Oil Spills
– Business Standard, July 2017.

Could Human Hair Be Used To Clean Up Environmental Disasters?
– Daily Mail, July 2017.

Here’s Why Scientists Say That Oily Hair Could Save the Environment – Yes, Really!
– Popsugar, July 13 2017.

Waste Human Hair Could Help Clean Up Oil Spills In Oceans, Say Scientists
– Economic Times: Energy World, July 17 2017.

Crude Awakening – March 2016 article on simulating crude oil spills, and teaching undergraduate students about effective environmental remediation at local and global scales
– U: Magazine.

Crude Oil Experiments in Environmental Remediation – October 2015 media slideshow on university students enjoying a brand new practical designed by Megan for 91159 Environmental Remediation
– UTS: Science Facebook Page.

Striking a Balance – November 2015 article on balanced teaching semesters at UTS, as well as designing 91107 The Biosphere and 91159 Environmental Remediation to maximise student learning experiences
– U: Magazine.

Face to Facebook – August 2012 article on how managing online student support communities can enhance students’ university experience
– U:Magazine.


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